9 reasons to try the Legendary Hard Cheese Džiugas

Monday April 25th, 2016


The gestation way of Hard cheese DŽIUGAS is long but the results delight even the biggest gourmets. The taste of cheese is such rich that it sweetens all human senses. DŽIUGAS is a deliciously different cheese from Lithuania. It has a special flavour derived from the quality of milk it uses, the expertise of its cheese masters and the time it is allowed to mature. Traditionally DŽIUGAS ripens for at least 12 months, but it is also eaten at any age up to 48 months. With a distinctive savoury body and a slight crunch in the bite, it is also offers a creamy sweetness that perfectly balances its savoury strength.

Benefits of hard cheese DŽIUGAS:

Without lactose. It is determined by researches that it is suitable for people, who do not tolerate or are sensitive milk sugar – lactose. As results of laboratory tests show, well-aged (at least 12 months) DŽIUGAS cheese contains up to 0,02 % lactose. During its long ageing process, lactose affected by the yeast cultures added into the cheese-maker is decomposed into lactic acid. The small, white and crisp grains found in the cheese are lactic acid salts, also referred to as ‘calcium lactate’.

Kietas sūris „Džiugas“brandintas 36 mėn.Gourmet surio galva

Without preservatives. Neither while making nor packing any preservatives are used, even a rind of cheese is edible.

Suitable for vegetarians. While making hard cheese DŽIUGAS non-animal ferment is used. Vegetable renet is used in production of DŽIUGAS.

Has a lot of calcium. 100 g. cheese supplies the adult with recommended daily norm. DŽIUGAS cheese is especially rich in calcium, vitally important to our bodies. The majority of calcium in human bodies is stored in bone tissue. Calcium also plays a role in the processes of blood clotting and transmission of neuron impulses to muscles.


Source of energy. Organism digests matured cheese within several minutes, and for example, beef – within 2 hours. As shown by research, mature cheese, like DŽIUGAS, contains about 0.4 g/100g of the irreplaceable amino acid Tryptophan. Tryptophan is sometimes referred to as the ‘good mood hormone’, as it stimulates the production of serotonin, which contributes to a feeling of happiness. Tryptophan is especially useful in late autumn and winter, as it is aids in avoiding seasonal depression.

Source of proteins. 100 g. cheese has even 33 g. valuable, easily digestible proteins. As shown by recent research, cheese that is the aged for at least for 12 months contains about 7g/100g natural glutamic acid, one of the 20 amino acids. DŽIUGAS is a great source of it.

Diet food. 100 g. has only 26 g. of fat – it is 10 % less than in cheeses of other sorts.

Source of amino acids. It has useful amino acids: glutamine, valine, tryptohan, minerals.

It flavours dishes. Hard cheese is one of few, which has fifth – umami- taste. It improves taste of dishes naturally and they become simply tastier… A piece of mature DŽIUGAS will make any dish you are preparing more deliciuos; its natural flavours are concentrade so even a little DŽIUGAS will really spice up any dish.

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