Legendary Cheese DŽIUGAS® – Time to Taste, Time to Appreciate!

DŽIUGAS® is designed to be enjoyed in company or as an individual indulgence.  With a mouthful of DŽIUGAS®, time almost stops while you savour the pure pleasure of its taste.  It’s the type of sensation you just want to talk about and share with friends.  There’s smooth creaminess and savoury strength balanced by light fruity/floral overtones.  This is the signature that underpins all DŽIUGAS® cheese, but along the different phases of ripening, it offers surprisingly different variations of taste.

DŽIUGAS® has a trademark flavour that is easy to recognise at every stage of maturity.   The different stages or ages at which it is sold are:  ‘mild’ (over 12 months), ‘piquant’ (over 18 months), ‘delicate’ (over 24 months) and ‘gourmet’ (over 36 months old).  As the cheese ages and ripens, the quality and flavour is improved and the characteristic taste deepens and develops. 

In this cheese, the typical qualities of DŽIUGAS® begin to unfold. It has a golden appearance, firm texture and aroma hinting of meadow hay. It tastes rich and creamy with elegant, fruity/floral overtones. The taste is strong enough to be distinct on the palate but it is still pleasingly mild and creamy.

DŽIUGAS® ‘Mild’ is delicious to nibble, but its delicate strength also brings a distinctive taste to cooked dishes. Try it in a toasted sandwich, melted over pasta, or use it to make cheesy biscuits. It also makes a great cheese sauce. For an alternative to a sweet or pudding, try it instead of desert with a dry white wine.

On the journey towards full maturity, this cheese is at the half way stage. It is beginning to build a harmonic interplay of flavour, texture and aroma. It maintains the classic DŽIUGAS® golden appearance, but the texture is firmer more craggy, while the aroma is subtly complex like summer hay. Its rich, complex savoury/sweet taste hints at fruitiness with nutty caramel overtones. A subtle crispness in the bite can be detected as the cheese ripens.

This cheese makes an excellent snack. It is traditionally eaten with a drop of honey, or served with grapes and nuts which complement the nutty fruit overtones that overlay the savoury heart of the cheese. For cooking purposes, it is ideal with a salad, and can be used in risottos or with pasta. It goes particularly well with meats such as chicken, veal or duck as a stuffing or sauce.

This is a mature cheese with subtle richness of flavour and a creamier golden appearance. The cheese is harder with real structure. Rather than slice it, the recommendation is to break off nuggets, leaving the maximum surface area to be enjoyed for each mouthful. Its rich taste is more complex with a savoury heart and elegant overtones of nutty caramel and spicy fruitiness. There is a definite crystalline crunch of a more mature cheese.

This cheese is at the age when youth is balanced by wisdom. It is ideal served with a glass of excellent wine. Its flavour is mature enough to be the perfect match to a good chutney, or try the Lithuanian tradition of serving it with soft fruit. The subtle savoury/sweet combination is the ideal way to complement the flavour of this cheese.

This is a mature cheese, strong and well balanced, yet still melting and mouth-watering. While its texture is craggy and crumbly it still has hold and body. The aroma is strongly savoury but still with hints of meadow hay and its appearance is a marbled red/gold. Its rich, complex savoury/sweet taste has elegant overtones of caramel across nutty bass notes and the quality crystalline crunch of a gourmet cheese. Every mouthful melts but also has a crunch resulting in tiny taste explosions in every bite.

This is now the aristocrat of DŽIUGAS® cheese, delicate and delicious. It is perfect as an appetiser and ideal on a quality cheese board. Serve with fresh pears, melon slices, figs and nuts alongside a fine wine and it is the perfect indulgence. For an untraditional, but surprisingly delicious approach, try eating this cheese with a cup of fragrant cappuccino. The balance of flavours is unexpected but delightful.

This is the cheese of legend. It is currently not for sale as only limited amounts are ripened to this maturity for release.
It holds one of the most honourable ranks within the hierarchy of long-ripened cheese. Worldwide, few cheeses have the ability to mature with such fortitude and deliver such flavour. It represents the highest quality, a luxury item of sophistication and elegance. The concentration of flavour is still identifiably DŽIUGAS®, but the richness is now intense.

This cheese is able to astonish even cheese experts, connoisseurs and gourmets. It provides a rainbow of flavours and fragrances and has an almost architectural texture. It is like an elaborate feast in one mouthful. It is an experience and an honour to eat.
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Hard cheese DŽIUGAS Gourmet, 36-month-ripened (crumbled)

Hard cheese DŽIUGAS Delicate, 24-month-ripened

Hard cheese DŽIUGAS Piquant, 18-month-ripened. Cheese head

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