DŽIUGAS cheese for both professionals and pop stars

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016

Nuotrauka straipsniui

On 16 August, Witek, a picturesque congress centre in the city of Kraków, Poland, hosted an annual congress of professional chefs called BIS.

This event has been attended by more than 300 professional chefs who work in restaurants and hotels, which can boast having the highest ratings. The chefs shared their experiences and cooked their specialities, and also entertained themselves together with Polish pop stars.

We had an opportunity to introduce our DŽIUGAS hard cheese to cheese experts. A number of well-known chefs participated in this event: Malgorzata Stach, Leszek Murawski, Anna Archacka-Sierminska, Piotr Domanski, Tomasz Kupian, Krzysztof Wierzba, Grzegorz Skalmowski, Agnieszka Wulkiewicz, Pawel Peron, Slawomir Nawrot, Michal Gerwatowski, and others.

We were glad that our stand has received nearly all the attention – it was one of the most popular ones in the event, and excellent feedback gives us a solid reason to believe that we are very welcome in the Polish market.

The unique taste and natural character of the Samogitian DŽIUGAS has been highly rated by the cheese experts.

We took great delight in learning that very popular bloggers such as Big Fat Dad and Kuchenne Wariacje arrived at very favourable conclusions regarding our cheese when sharing opinions on their blogging sites. And they made a promise to organise more tastings of DŽIUGAS cheese!

In the photograph: Artur Pilarczyk – a Sous Chef at the restaurant Magic BBQ, Michał Bałazy – an Ambassador of Polish cuisine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Jola Szczepankiewicz – an Executive Chef at the restaurant Magic BBQ.

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