Products of Samogitian origin in Nantwich

Wednesday August 10th, 2016


On July 26-27, one of the world’s most famous international cheese exhibitions called “International Cheese Awards Nantwich 2016” took place in Nantwich town in the United Kingdom.

The most competitive cheese experts and gourmets from all over the world gathered together in the exhibition, where the authoritative commission evaluates cheese, professional chefs organise their shows, and where the best performances win awards. The exhibition of the year 2016 broke a new record – 261 cheese and dairy product manufacturers from 27 countries participated and presented 5,000 different products. In addition to this, the event was attended by as many as about 43,000 visitors.

Representatives of Žemaitijos Pienas have taken part in the 119th largest international cheese exhibition for six years already. As a result of this exhibition, some new and useful business relationships were established with the largest and best-known networks across the England: Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, and Sainsbury’s. Furthermore, other very useful contacts were made which could offer an opportunity to get into the English market; similarly, the company’s reputation is growing not only in the England but also all over the world.

This year Žemaitijos Pienas introduced a wide range of hard cheese DŽIUGAS and also other items of their own production. The English people were wondering at such an unconventional combination of DŽIUGAS and honey, but once they tried it, they were full of praise for the harmony of delicately piquant taste of this hard cheese and the taste of Lithuanian natural honey.

The visitors were interested in a cheese snack MILDĖ, but glazed curd cheeses MAGIJA attracted sufficient attention too. The English have never tried this type of product in their lives before, so, according to them, the curd cheeses MAGIJA have a taste that is reminiscent of a cheesecake.

In fact, a great deal of exhibition visitors were willing to purchase something from very palatable Samogitian range of products manufactured in Lithuania, that is why an endless queue of buyers has stretched at the height of trade.

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