Hard cheese DŽIUGAS® Grated cheeses

Grated cheeses DŽIUGAS and cheese DŽIUGAS mixes MIX.


Grated cheeses DŽIUGAS and cheese DŽIUGAS mixes MIX for salads, pizza, pasta – perfect seasoning, which will flavour the dishes by giving them a piquant and unique taste.


DŽIUGAS® Mild hard cheese, 12 months, grated (100 g)
DŽIUGAS® Delicate hard cheese, 24 months, grated (40 g)
DŽIUGAS® hard cheese in fine chips
DŽIUGAS® MIX PIZZA grated cheese mix for pizza (250 g)
DŽIUGAS® MIX PASTA grated cheese mix for pasta (250g)
DŽIUGAS® MIX SALAD grated cheese mix for salad (250 g)

Other maturations

Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Mild, 12 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Piquant, 18 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Delicate, 24 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Gourmet, 36 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Exceptional ripening
Hard cheese DŽIUGAS®
Organic cheeses

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