DŽIUGAS® Piquant hard cheese, aged for 18 months

This is a slightly spicy, yellow product with notable calcium crystals. Finely sliced will look nice on soups and salads, adding some extra flavour. Especially recommended for lunch dishes. Goes well with dried fruits and bread sticks.


DŽIUGAS® Piquant is an average-maturity cheese, offering a harmony of intensive aromas and a slightly spicy flavour. Can you feel how it begins melting in your mouth? You will not only enjoy the flavour, but hear something crackling. That’s the individual calcium crystals, signifying the new stage of the cheese ripening. The cheese is also characterised by dried fruit flavour and a notably brighter yellow of the rind. Try it with dried cranberries. This cheese goes well into other dishes to improve their flavour.


DŽIUGAS® Piquant hard cheese, 18 months (180 g)
DŽIUGAS® Piquant hard cheese, 18 months, crumbled (100 g)
DŽIUGAS® Piquant hard cheese, 18 months (sliced wheel, 4.1 kg)
DŽIUGAS® Piquant hard cheese, 18 months (a wheel, 4.1 kg)

Other maturations

Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Mild, 12 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Delicate, 24 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Gourmet, 36 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Exceptional ripening
Hard cheese DŽIUGAS®
Organic cheeses
Hard cheese DŽIUGAS®

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