Cheese DŽIUGAS®, honey and dried fruit, boiled in wine, dessert


    • 100 g
      of cheese DŽIUGAS
    • 2 tablespoons
      of liquid honey
    • 1 teaspoon
      of poppy seeds
    • 40 g
      favourite chopped nuts
    • 100 g
      of dried plums
    • 60 g
      of dried cranberries
    • 60 g
      of dried apricots
    • 400 ml
      of white wine
    • 2
      cinamon sticks
    • 2
      anise stars
    • 8
    • 2
    • of fresh thyme


    Break the cheese in pieces of about 1 cm. Place in a bowl and mix it with honey and poppy seeds, finely chopped nuts. Put the dried fruit and berries, seasoning and wine into a pot. Bring everything to a boil and boil for another 20 min. Sprinkle the serving plate with warm honey, beautifully arrange the figs cut into four pieces, cheese with honey ant the boiled fruit and berries. Serve with dessert forks or on sticks as a dessert.

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