Spanish omelette with spinach, mushrooms and hard cheese DŽIUGAS®


  • some
  • 1
  • 6
  • 70 g
    of spinach
  • pinch
    of salt
  • pinch
    of pepper
  • 3
  • 2 cloves
    of garlic
  • 4 stalks
    of parsley
  • 1 l
    of water
  • 40 g
    grated cheese DŽIUGAS


Chop the onion. Add it to a pan and fry until it softens and turns yellow.

Slice the mushrooms and add to the pan. Fry until they soften. Add spinach, turn up the heat and cover with a lid so that the spinach would wilt (it should take around 2-3 minutes).

Crack eggs into a bowl, press the garlic cloves, add the chopped parsley and a tablespoon of water. Add some salt and pepper, mix everything well. Pour the beaten eggs into a pan, cover with a lid and cook until it hardens. Then sprinkle some cheese on the top, fry for another few minutes until the cheese melts.

Can be served both hot and cold. Bon appetite


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