Hard cheese DŽIUGAS® organic cheeses

This is an exceptional type of cheese DŽIUGAS. Organic cheese DŽIUGAS is made only from the best and most valuable summer milk! The cows of the organic farms freely graze the pastures surrounded by the streams and hills of Samogitia, away from the large cities and industry.




Organic cheese DŽIUGAS is especially nutritional and easily absorbed product, rich in amino-acids, valuable protein, mineral substances, microelements and vitamins. We also produce the special organic cheese for children. It‘s a 40 g playful package of small pieces of mild taste and aroma. The cheese intended for children is also special because of the reduced amount of salt in it. This is a truly valuable food for children, because cheese DŽIUGAS is a source of protein. The children will enjoy snacking on it together with fruits, apples and pears.



Organic DŽIUGAS® hard cheese, 24 months
Organic DŽIUGAS® hard cheese (40 g)

Other maturations

Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Mild, 12 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Piquant, 18 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Delicate, 24 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Gourmet, 36 months
Hard Cheese DŽIUGAS®
Exceptional ripening
Hard cheese DŽIUGAS®

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