DŽIUGAS® flavour combinations


Aged for 12 months. This is a rather flexible cheese, characterised by a delicate flavour. Enjoy it with fresh fruit, grapes, strawberries and blueberries. This cheese will be a perfect addition to your snack table.


Aged for 18 months.

Characterised by a spicy flavour, which fits in perfect harmony with dried fruits like apricots, cranberries, and Italian bread sticks.


Aged for 24 months. Enjoy its delicately rich flavour with a cup of coffee, but it also goes well with honey or almonds.


Aged for 36 months. Distinguished by its gourmet flavour with exclusive crunchy texture, this cheese is excellent with cashews or fig jam.


Aged for 48 months. Rich with calcium crystals, the pleasant crunchy texture of this cheese is perfect with soft pears.


Aged for 60 months. An excellent way to reveal the expressive flavour of DŽIUGAS® Exclusive is to pair it with walnuts or hazelnuts and fresh figs.

Special Aged

Aged for 100 months.  DŽIUGAS® Special Aged is a luxurious and unique gourmet experience.

Enjoy it slowly, allowing it to tickle all of your senses and create an extraordinary moment.

Aged for 100 months, this cheese is perfect with berry or fruit jam and the notes of citrus fruit – grapefruit, orange – marmalade.

Extra Aged

Aged for 120 months. Taste it with a drop of balsamic vinegar – the result will surprise you!


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