Carpaccio with cheese DŽIUGAS®


  • 1/2
    of a chilli pepper
  • 200 g
    of beef cut
  • 1/2
    of grapefruit juice
  • 10 g
    of olive oil
  • pagal skonį
    salt, black pepper, celery leaves
  • pagal skonį
    freshly ground peppers
  • 70 g
    of cheese Džiugas Delicate matured for 24 months
  • 5 g
    of chives


Season the thinly sliced raw meat with pepper, salt, chopped celery leaves and chilli peppers. Squeeze the grapefruit juice, pour olive oil and add chives and grate some cheese Džiugas matured for 24 months.

200 of beef cut (sliced very thinly).

Bon appétit!


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